Customise your beloved bicycle even further with the Belll

The Netherlands may or may not have world's best beer, the tastiest fast-food, or Europe's greatest football team. However, one thing about this country is unarguable: it is dominated by bikes.

There seem to be more cyclists than pedestrians in the Netherlands, and any Dutch town or city is guaranteed to be littered with fixies, sports-bikes and "oma-fiets." Most of these will either be painted mismatched colours, be covered in stickers, or have kooky "add-ons."

But a new product promises to let us customise our beautiful bicycles even more: The Belll.

A new level of customisation

The Belll is definitely a visual improvement on the standard ringer. Available in multiple colours, as well as "Stars & Stripes" and "Union Jack" prints, it easily stands out against its boring, brassy cousins.

The Belll will also be available with individual photos printed on it, meaning that every Dutch cyclist could have a truly unique accessory.

But despite its snazzy appearance, "the bell with an extra L" is no flimsy gimmick.

Designed to last a life-time, the Belll is made from a durable polymer which doesn’t rust - unlike many of our trusty tin contraptions.

Developers are proud of the Belll's copper interior, which ensures the loudest and purest "DING" to fend off stray tourists or pigeons.

The Belll is also easily attachable to standard bike frames without screws. And, as the website announces, "needless to say it is also theft-proof."

Local success

The Belll was designed in Amsterdam by a small start-up business and will be produced entirely in this country. The product has already featured in Memory Magazine, Trend Hunter and WANT, among others.

The company is currently seeking to raise enough funds through its Kickstarter page in order to officially launch the product before Autumn.

For more information check out the facebook page or get involved through Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter

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