Could the Netherlands get some snow next week?

Could the Netherlands get some snow next week?

The Christmas holidays are right around the corner, and the Netherlands is about to make the transition from autumn to winter. It may not yet be December, but meteorologists are saying the country could get some winter-like weather next week, with temperatures dropping and potentially some snow on the way!

Colder weather (and snow!?) on the way

So far, November has seen some fairly mild weather; yes, it’s been grey and cloudy, but it certainly hasn’t been too cold or too wet. In fact, on Monday, temperatures across the country stayed below 10 degrees for the whole day - something which hasn’t happened since mid-April!

But as the Christmas decorations start to go up and everyone looks forward to the festive season, some parts of the Netherlands could very well wake up to a light dusting of snow next week. 

Next week will start “stable, dry, and fairly calm,” according to Weerplza’s Marsel Blok. During the nights, temperatures will drop below freezing for most of the country, and from Thursday sleet, hail, and snow - what Blok calls “dirty, wintry weather” - could be on the cards. But, even if it does snow, it won’t stick around for very long; temperatures will rise to around 5 degrees during the days, sadly melting whatever snow might fall at night.

Will the Netherlands get a white Christmas in 2021?

What does this burst of cold weather mean for the rest of this year - and, more importantly, is it a sign that the Netherlands might enjoy a white Christmas to round out 2021? The 30-day forecast from Weerplaza says that, while early to mid-December will bring cold weather and frosty mornings, these conditions will transition to “slightly changeable and fairly mild autumn weather” before Christmas. 

Don’t lose hope just yet though! Speaking to, meteorologist Alfred Snoek said it was too early to predict what weather the Netherlands will get this Christmas: “We’re not there yet!”

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