The biggest and brightest moon of 2019: Super Snow Moon in the Netherlands

The biggest and brightest moon of 2019: Super Snow Moon in the Netherlands

Get ready stargazers, tonight you’ll be able to see the biggest and brightest moon this year has to offer in the Netherlands, weather permitting of course. This Super Moon makes its appearance not long after the last one, which occurred on January 21.

What is a Super Snow Moon?

A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is full and comes within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth. The Moon appears brighter and larger than the common full Moon. This February’s Super Moon’s centre will be 356.846 kilometres from the Earth’s. A Super Moon can be seen in the Netherlands three to four times a year.

So, what is a Super Snow Moon then? Well, the Moon receives this title if it is the second full Moon of the year. According to NASA, the origin of this name is Indian (Native American), with it being published in the Maine Farmer's Almanac in the 1930s, along with other Indian names for the full Moons. The name Snow Moon was given due to the heavy snowfall which occurred in the same season as this Moon.

When can you see this Moon?

The Super Snow Moon is the second of three Super Moons we will get to see this year, the third of which will occur on March 21, 2019. At 4.53pm on Tuesday, February 19, the Super Snow Moon will be above the Netherlands, however, the sun will still be out at this time, hindering viewing of the moon. At 5.47pm the Moon will rise and around 6pm the sun will set, giving you the opportunity to see this phenomenon.

The best time to get a look will be around 7.53pm when it is completely dark outside, and the earlier in the evening the better, as the higher the Moon is in the sky, the smaller it will look. The Moon will rise in the east and the next time it gets closer to the Earth than this one will be in 2026, so you really don’t want to miss it.

The possibility of seeing the Super Snow Moon is pretty big, with the weather forecast currently not completely against us and a mix of clear skies and clouds expected. A cloudy forecast doesn’t sound too great, but some should be thin enough that you’ll be able to see the moon through them. It will also stay dry at around 7C, so stepping outside to admire the moon won’t require all the thermal clothing in your closet.

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