8 best food delivery apps in the Netherlands

8 best food delivery apps in the Netherlands

Don’t have time to pop to the shops after work and need a quick grocery delivery? Or maybe you need a break from cooking and want to save yourself the effort by using a food delivery app? Stave your hunger in a jiffy by using some of these delivery apps to order food online in the Netherlands. 

Best apps for food delivery in the Netherlands

You can have your food delivered to you in a flash by just clicking a few buttons on your mobile phone! From Amsterdam to the Hague, these are some of the best food delivery apps in the Netherlands.


Started in 2000, Thuisbezorgd has been one of the most popular food delivery apps in the Netherlands for years, with over 5 million app visits per month. Since 2020, Thuisbezorgd has been a part of the leading global online food delivery marketplace, Just Eat, which also includes the German food delivery app, Lieferando. From pasta to tacos, Thuisbezorgd has many convenient cuisine options to choose from. 

Uber Eats

The other popular app for food delivery in the Netherlands - and the rest of the world - is Uber Eats. Available in over 20 countries, this is the food delivery app to use if you enjoy takeout while travelling. Uber Eats also allows you to track the progress of your delivery as the food is making its way to you!

Best apps to order groceries

Save yourself a trip to the supermarket and get everything you need delivered. Here are some of the best grocery delivery apps in the Netherlands:


Find all your favourite brands at supermarket prices on Flink. From Maastricht to Groningen, the one-stop online store delivers to over 40 Dutch cities and promises to have groceries, household staples and cooking essentials delivered to your doorstep in just 10 minutes.


Have your groceries delivered to you in a cute little truck with Picnic. This supermarket on wheels offers competitive prices and provides fresh fruit and vegetables. Another reason to use this grocery delivery app is that you can give your Picnic delivery driver your recyclable bottles and cans to receive your statiegeld back!

Uber Eats

Uber Eats offers grocery delivery services alongside delivering your favourite meals from your go-to restaurants. In the Uber Eats app, there is a tab to order food and a separate tab for groceries, where you can find supermarket staples.


With the main goal of making better food accessible to more people, Crisp delivers farm-fresh and sustainable produce with the shortest possible route from the farmer. This grocery delivery service also has the option to get a weekly box with seasonal vegetables and recipes to make the best of the produce in delicious meals.


Tired of deciding what to cook for dinner? By using HelloFresh, you can easily have your groceries delivered while also planning your meals for the week. This food delivery service brings you all the ingredients you need to cook tasty dishes, along with the recipes! Another bonus is that you can add other groceries you might need, which will be packed up and delivered with your cooking box.

Too Good To Go

This grocery delivery app is a bit different and in the best possible way! Too Good To Go is the world’s largest marketplace for surplus food. Food that hasn’t been used by cafes, restaurants and bakeries is put on the app for shoppers to order at an attractive price. This combats food waste and helps you save money at the same time!

Your food delivery has arrived! 

Whether it’s getting takeaways or stocking up on groceries, ordering food online in the Netherlands has never been easier. Which food delivery app is your favourite and what are you going to order next? Let us know in the comments.

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