Albert Heijn follows in FEBO’s footsteps and launches own clothing line

Albert Heijn follows in FEBO’s footsteps and launches own clothing line

It’s a promotional stunt that has grown in popularity over the past few years, with various shops and companies - including FEBO, ALDI, and Zeeman - taking the decision to launch their own branded clothing lines. Albert Heijn is the latest to get in on the action, as the supermarket chain launched its own limited-edition clothing line in the Netherlands this week.

Dutch supermarket launches limited-edition clothing line 

“By popular request and for the real fans,” the supermarket wrote on its website, “customers can now also go to Albert Heijn for a hip summer look. Ideal for a festival, holiday or day at the beach.”


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The limited-edition collection - which features socks, bucket hats, shorts, shirts, and jumpers - went on sale in all stores across the Netherlands on Monday, with prices starting at just 2,99 euros. The collection has been launched as part of the company’s new clothing and textile brand Blue.

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mokumhammer 10:11 | 9 July 2022

They (AH) already have a clothing line 'John Cabot', or do you mean 'branded' goods with their logo emblazend prominently? They all do that - but Lidl is 'cool' - AH isn't (imo)