5 thrilling water parks in the Netherlands

5 thrilling water parks in the Netherlands

What better way to enjoy the beautiful Dutch weather than to go to a water park? And yes, we know that the weather isn’t always great in the Netherlands but the best thing about these water parks is that you can enjoy them, come rain, wind or shine!

The best water parks in the Netherlands

Hankering for slides, rapids, rides and wave pools? Then it’s probably time to get yourself down to a water park! Water parks are a great place to cool off during a heatwave, or even just after a long week at work. And, the best thing is, the Netherlands has plenty of great water parks, all with their own unique themes and features. So, if you fancy a dip, make sure you check out these amazing water parks in the Netherlands.

Walibi Holland, Biddinghuizen

One of the biggest amusement parks in the Netherlands, Walibi is home to more than 30 attractions, including waterslides, rollercoasters and loads of other fun rides. The park is perfect both for a day out or a thrilling weekend adventure, as it also has great onsite accommodation. Their cute cottages can host up to eight people, perfect for larger families. However, if you have an even bigger group, the park can accommodate you in the Villa Walibi, which can host up to 16 people.


Walibi is also a great option for those looking to party. The park hosts several events throughout the year, including a Halloween Fright Night and Walibierfest; a huge party featuring live music, cold beer and “kilos of confetti".

The park is located near Biddinghuizen in Flevoland, and can be reached by car or public transport. It is about a 45-minute drive from Zwolle, or an hour's drive from Amsterdam. By public transport, visitors can catch the Walibi Express bus from Harderwijk station.

The Tiki Pool, Duinrell Holiday Park, Wassenaar

A water park within a holiday park? Sign us up! The Tiki Pool is a giant water park situated within the Duinrell Holiday Park. The park is both indoor and outdoor, so it’s perfect even if the weather isn't the best. The indoor area features the Playa water park for kids that boasts four slides and a heated play pool for the really little ones.

Outside you will find a plethora of rides to enjoy, as well as the water playhouse. But, the water park’s real selling point are the 21 unique waterslides that can be found dotted around the inside and outside of the park. If you want an idea of how fun these slides are, all you need to do is check out their names: Cycloon, Triton, Blits and X-stream are but a few.

Duinrell is located in Wassenaar, and can be reached by foot from the town. For those coming from further out, both Wassenaar and Duinrell Holiday Park can easily be accessed via public transport.

Aqua Mexicana, Slagharen

Maybe the most beautiful water park in the Netherlands, Aqua Mexicana is completely decked out in a Mexican style. That means colourful verandas offer views of a beautiful beach, while the palm trees provide cover from the sun. If that hasn’t tickled your fancy, then maybe the park’s 10 slides, subtropical swimming pool and whirlpool will do the trick. If, after all that, you still aren’t tempted, well… did we mention there’s a giant bubble bath?

Aqua Mexicana is located in the sprawling theme park and resort in Slagharen. It's about a half-hour drive from Zwolle, but can also be reached by bus from Hardenberg, Coevorden, and Hoogeveen. 

Aqua Mundo and AquaPark Splash, Ouddorp

Port Zelande, on the Brouwersdam just south of Rotterdam, is the site of one of the Dutch Centre Parcs. However, this Centre Parcs is special, as its home to not one, but two(!) water parks: Aqua Mundo and Aquapark Splash.

Aqua Mundo

Every Centre Parcs has an Aqua Mundo, and they are recognised as some of the greatest water parks in the country. The tropical-themed park at the Centre Parcs in Port Zelande boasts a vast variety of features, including a wave pool, a water playhouse, loads of waterslides (including the ever-popular turbo slide), rapids and a bubble bath. The park also has loads of opportunities for activities, in which visitors can learn how to swim, surf and drive.

You don’t need to be staying at Centre Parcs to visit Aqua Mundo either! Day tickets are available for people simply looking for a fun day out underwater. Centre Parcs is about an hour's drive from Rotterdam. It can also be reached by public transport via metro from Rotterdam, followed by a bus. If you're coming from the south or east, you can catch a bus from Goes station.

Aquapark Splash

While we could have selected any Centre Parcs for their Aqua Mundo, such as the Centre Parcs in Zandvoort and its Aqua Cinema, but the Centre Parcs at Port Zelande is right next door to Aquapark Splash. The best way to describeAquapark Splash is as a huge inflatable obstacle course, right on the marina. Honestly, words can’t do this place justice so just check out the video below!

Unfortunately, unlike Centre Parcs and Aqua Mundo, Aquapark Splash isn’t open all year round. The park is open during the summer months, from the end of May until the end of September.

Time to make a splash!

Well, there you have it: five of the best water parks in the Netherlands. So, the next time you fancy an adventure-filled, fun day out, or need somewhere to take the children, why not try one of these bad boys? And let us know in the comments if we’ve missed your favourite Dutch water park - we’re always looking for new places to add to our list!

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