Information Session at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) Pro

Information Session at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) Pro

Apr 16, 2024
Main building of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, 2521 EN
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Would you like to upgrade your professional skills or specialise further in your field of work? If so, then The Hague University of Applied Sciences Pro (THUAS PRO) offers a flexible selection of master's programmes, postgraduate courses, master’s modules and master classes.  

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THUAS international master’s programmes

Here are the master's programmes at The Hague University of Applied Sciences Pro (THUAS PRO):

MBA - Master of Business Administration

Develop your professional and practical management skills in business administration.

You see how business is constantly changing. How healthcare and educational institutions are looking for new ways. We are increasingly looking at what is happening beyond our borders. Do we keep up, stay behind, or choose a different course? What does this mean for our competitive position, our financial-economic policy and our organisational ethics? These complex considerations call for powerful leadership with a broad vision. Leadership that you can shape with this part-time MBA or full-time MBA at THUAS Pro.

Career opportunities

With a Master of Business Administration, you give your career a boost. During this programme, you increase your business knowledge with an international perspective. You will be able to match technological and economic changes with social, ethical and sustainability aspects. You want to accomplish this by applying effective leadership, based on an all-encompassing vision.

You like to take initiative and have an innovative mindset. The international community is looking for 21st-century skills in business leaders. Employers look for professionals with people management skills alongside analytical competencies. If you have the ambition to develop into a competent leader, an MBA is essential.

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MBA Big Data Analytics

More and more organisations have a need for effective big data analysis. If you want to pursue a high-quality MBA programme while combining it with your interest in big data, THUAS Pro also offers part-time MBA Big Data Analytics and full-time MBA Big Data Analytics programmes that will allow you to provide significant added value to companies. 

The Master of Business Administration with a specialisation in Big Data Analytics at THUAS Pro offers a balanced combination of business administration and big data analysis.

Career opportunities

Data centres worldwide receive enormous amounts of data per second, data that can be of great interest to businesses. But how do you analyse that big data? The number of experts in this field is much lower than the demand for such specialists. 

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MBA Finance

Do you want to delve deeper into finance and accounting during your Master of Business Administration? Then choose the MBA with finance profiling.

You will learn to draw strategic conclusions with a company-wide, integrated view and modern analysis techniques, and to link sound advice to them. The organisation where you work can then use these conclusions to improve its performance in strategy, operations, marketing, finance and HRM. You will be given practice-oriented cases that will help you connect theoretical knowledge with practice and add value to your organisation as an expert.

Find out more about this course. You can choose between the MBA Finance part time and the MBA Finance full time.

Career opportunities

After successful completion of this MBA with finance specialisation, you can call yourself an expert in analysing financial data and advising strategically on it. You will gain knowledge and skills needed to excel in leadership roles of a financial nature.

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Master of Financial Management and Control at THUAS Pro

MFMC - Master of Financial Management & Control

A master with special attention to data-driven business control.

Companies see their markets grow as a result of globalisation. They experience that they are dealing with data-driven business control in their own and other cultures. Their financial decision-makers must therefore not only know everything about Finance & Control, but they also have to be familiar with intercultural aspects of doing business. Extensive attention is paid to both elements in the part-time Master Financial Management & Control of THUAS Pro.

Career opportunities

If you successfully complete this master's degree, you will meet the profile of the business controller with intercultural knowledge and skills. This offers you many opportunities for a challenging career.

The programme has a unique collaboration with the Hogeschool for Accountancy. Dutch students with the ambition to continue in accountancy in the Netherlands can obtain the Dutch title AA with a short additional course. This also increases your career opportunities.

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MICM - Master of International Communication Management 

Develop your professional and practical management skills in communication.

Today, almost any organisation, whether it is a government department, an international organisation or a (multinational) company, cannot exist without a carefully considered communication strategy. Communication is essential in the profile of every organisation. At the same time, communication practices are also under fire. 

What is true? If there is just a little doubt about the truth, it is called fake news. How can you deal with that as an organisation? How do you use communication strategies to show your corporate identity and strength, both internally and externally?

Career opportunities

These are all very important questions that a communication expert must answer. These experts are therefore increasingly the cornerstones of a company. If you want to fulfil such an important position, the Master International Communication Management at THUAS Pro gives you all the knowledge and skills you need. And a lot of career opportunities.

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Master of International Communication Management at THUAS Pro

Don’t know which one?

Are you interested in one of the International Master programmes, but you still do not know which one to choose? Give THUAS the chance to guide you and visit their information sessions on April 16, at 6pm-8pm. 

The information sessions on April 16 will take place on location. You can register for it via the link below.  

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The Hague University of Applied Sciences Pro

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