Floating Flower Parade

Floating Flower Parade

Aug 02, 2019Aug 04, 2019
South Holland, 's-Gravenzande, De Lier, Delft, Maassluis, Naaldwijk, The Hague, Vlaardingen

Floating Flower Parade

Every year, for three days in August, around half a million visitors gather to admire this spectacle on the water, enjoying the floating parades of boats adorned with flowers in South Holland!

Flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables

The Floating Flower Parade is a unique spectacle in which more than 50 boats are decorated with not only 450.000 flowers, but also 120.000 other plants and 80.000 fruits and vegetables. More specifically, flowers will include roses, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, orchids, dahlias and more, and there will also be 36.000 bell peppers, 15.000 tomato vines and 30.000 exotic fruits.

These boats are then outfitted with musicians and other performers and floated through three different routes, passing by places like The Hague, Delft and Vlaardingen. 2019 will be the 22nd year of the Floating Flower Parade. Special care is given to local produce, which is promoted on the boats as well.

Floating Flower Parade per day

Each day the Floating Flower Parade (Varend Corso) will follow a different route:

  • Friday, August 2 – Rijnmond Day. The parade will move between Naaldwijk, Maassluis and Vlaardingen.
  • Saturday, August 3 – Westland Day. The parade will move between The Hague, 's-Gravenzande and De Lier.
  • Sunday, August 4 – Delfland Day. The parade will move between Naaldwijk and Delft.