Fem Fest | online event by WORM and KONTRA

Fem Fest | online event by WORM and KONTRA

Mar 03, 2021Mar 08, 2021

Fem Fest is a multi-day online event that “celebrates the transformative power of feminist action”. It begins on March 3 and finishes on International Women's Day!

"Celebrates the transformative power of feminist action."

The prominent Rotterdam-based cultural organisations WORM and KONTRA come together to celebrate this landmark day of the year, a point of convergence for women's rights. These organisations are known for creating an inclusive space in the creative city of Rotterdam that encourages activism - such as feminism - to flourish.

Fem Fest Programme

Get ready for a series of workshops, online exhibits, panel discussions, performances and feminist activism, which you can visit from the comfort of your home. 

  • Wednesday, March 3: Feminist Cult Film Night
  • Thursday, March 4: Pisswife Zine Workshop (SOLD OUT)
  • Friday, March 5: KLAUW Burlesque workshop + KLAUW SENSATICA
  • Saturday, March 6: Sacred Femmes Kiki Function
  • Sunday, March 7: RE#SISTER Concert
  • Monday, March 8: Panel Discussion - Feminist Leadership in Times of Crisis

About the organisers

WORM is a Rotterdam-based non-profit foundation and an alternative cultural centre that focuses on experimental, new media, avant-garde and underground art, music and movies. KONTRA, also based in Rotterdam, is a grassroots project that supports countercultures and subversive art. In their own words they are "Rotterdam based but all dissidents are welcome."

Get tickets to Fem Fest

Some parts of the festival are for free and others have a fee. Head on over to the WORM website or their Facebook event page to view the full programme and find out how to sign up or book your tickets to the various Fem Fest 2021 events!