NEE-JA letterbox stickers to be replaced by new digital system

NEE-JA letterbox stickers to be replaced by new digital system

A new digital system called InMijnBus will fully replace the “NEE-NEE” and “NEE-JA” letterbox stickers in the Netherlands from January 2023.

Dutch stickers preventing unwanted post to disappear

Walk through any Dutch city or residential area and you’ll come across a number of black rectangular stickers on letterboxes, reading either “NEE-NEE” or “NEE-JA” to indicate whether the resident is willing to receive advertising content in the post

For 30 years, these stickers have been available to collect from municipalities, free of charge. But, from next year, people living in the Netherlands will register their preferences via a new website,

InMijnBus should hopefully reduce paper waste

MailDB, the company responsible for the distribution of advertising brochures and flyers, hopes the ease of the new system will encourage more people to register their preferences with their municipality, thereby significantly reducing the amount of paper wasted. 

Furthermore, as InMijnBus operates solely using addresses, residents will not be required to share any personal data in order to register their choices. MailDB says the first trials of the digital platform will start in April of this year, before the new system is officially launched on January 1, 2023.

Thumb: Ivo Antonie de Rooij via Shutterstock.

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