Drunk passenger bites leg of police officer at Eindhoven Airport

Drunk passenger bites leg of police officer at Eindhoven Airport

An inebriated passenger on a flight from Bologna to Eindhoven caused a bit of a stir this week as, when Dutch military police attempted to arrest him after landing in the Netherlands, the young man was found to be rather uncooperative and bit the leg of an officer

Dutch passenger resists arrest, bites leg of Marechaussee officer

The 25-year-old man was returning from his holiday in Italy to his home in North Brabant on Monday, August 21, and according to reports had enjoyed one too many alcoholic drinks during his return trip. His inebriated state meant he’d been a rather difficult passenger during the Transavia flight, disrupting other passengers and staff on board. 

As a result, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, a Dutch military police organisation, boarded the plane to arrest the passenger after landing at Eindhoven Airport. The passenger had other ideas, however, and put up a fair amount of resistance. During the altercation, the young man bit the leg of one of the Marechaussee officers. 

25-year-old in custody in Eindhoven

The passenger was eventually arrested, and is being held under suspicion of assaulting an officer and violently resisting arrest. He is currently in custody in Eindhoven pending investigation by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.

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