De Jonge: Plan your holiday, but don't book anything until next week

De Jonge: Plan your holiday, but don't book anything until next week

For over a year now, the Dutch government has asked the people of the Netherlands to not plan any international travel. But with summer fast approaching, many are wondering whether they will finally be able to book a holiday abroad. The cabinet hopes to provide more information about possibilities for international travel this summer next week. 

Can you look forward to a summer holiday in 2021?

Across Europe, leaders are working to support the travel industry and allow for safe international travel - the Dutch government has already invested in coronavirus-proof trial holidays to Rhodes and Gran Canaria, meanwhile, the EU is pushing through legislation to support the creation of a so-called coronavirus passport for Europe in time for the summer holidays

All this suggests that many may finally be able to look forward to a holiday in the sun or travelling to visit long-distance friends and family. The cabinet had planned on issuing their travel advice for the summer months this week, however, they have decided to push it back to next week due to the high number of coronavirus infections and hospitalisations in the Netherlands.

Dutch government hopes to clarify summer travel advice next week

So far, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge has attempted to keep expectations under control, saying that anyone who hopes to go camping abroad can feel free to start looking at options but should wait until next week before booking anything. 

“We would like to say next week what will happen with the travel advice after May 15 and what this means for the possibilities for the summer holiday,” explains De Jonge. “Before you actually start booking, it might be good to wait for next week's travel advice, which we hope to issue next Tuesday."

The cabinet will meet with members of the Outbreak Management Team in The Hague on Sunday to discuss easing restrictions and relaxing the travel advice. A press conference is expected to take place on May 11.

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