14 degrees in November? Record-breaking temperatures in the Netherlands

14 degrees in November? Record-breaking temperatures in the Netherlands

Weeronline reports that the maximum temperature in De Bilt - a town near Utrecht and home to the Dutch weather institute (KNMI) - has been 10 degrees or more for a record-breaking period of time in 2020. 

Record-breaking warmth in the Netherlands this year

According to Weeronline, the maximum temperature in De Bilt has remained in double digits for a whopping 229 days (since April 1), breaking the 2011 record when temperatures soared into the double digits every day from March 27 to November 9. The average number of consecutive days with temperatures reaching 10 degrees or above is 193. 

Interestingly, the Netherlands has only experienced temperatures of 10 degrees or higher for 200 consecutive days 16 times since records began 120 years go. Furthermore, 10 out of these 16 instances have taken place in the last 20 years. The record for the 20th century was just 140 days, which occurred in 1902, 1962, and 1974. 

Over the weekend, cities across the Netherlands experienced exceptionally high temperatures for this time of year. Amsterdam recorded temperatures of 14 degrees - significantly higher than the November average of around 9 degrees. Since the start of the month, a number of weather records have been broken: Monday was the warmest November 9 ever recorded, and November 2 reached temperatures above 20 degrees, making it the warmest November day ever

Autumnal weather and cooler temperatures are on the way

You may have become accustomed to the mild weather and warmer temperatures over the past few weeks, and may be enjoying the fact that you don’t have to reach for your puffy winter jacket every time you leave the house. But that looks set to change this week as temperatures start to drop. 

While the Netherlands might be able to enjoy a few more days of spring-like weather conditions, temperatures are expected to drop from Thursday, November 19. Tuesday will likely bring a lot of cloud and a little rain before clearing up overnight to allow for a bright and sunny Wednesday. Temperatures on both days will reach around 13 degrees. 

Heading into Thursday, however, while the sun is set to stay, the temperatures are expected to drop to a maximum of 11 degrees, dropping further on Friday when temperatures aren’t expected to exceed nine degrees. At the moment, the weekend is looking cloudy with rain showers in some parts of the country, and temperatures of around eight degrees.

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