Financial Operations Administrator

Finance / Accounting
English and Swedish, German and English, Polish and English, English and Dutch, English

We are seeking a professional with a combination of experience with contract management and technical support. As a FinOps Administrator, you will join the Business Technology team in order to manage the flow of business and technical support from the moment a contract is signed. This person will have the ability to work with the processes and procedures of various tools/applications. As the Financial Operations Administrator, your responsibilities will include:

  • Ensure that all contracts within Business Technology are signed and processed correctly;

  • Convert signed contracts into Purchase Orders (POs) and integrate them into the workflow, utilizing various software applications;

  • Using our suppliers' documentation software, connect the right information from SAP to the right application of the supplier;

  • Maintain frequent communication with external parties and suppliers;

  • Monitor the entire process from contract signing to implementation;

  • Master the cost structure and allocations, understanding financial flows;

The salary will be between €3500 and €4500 per month (based on 40 hours) and will be dependent on the amount of knowledge and experience that you bring to the company. There will be additional benefits that will be included with this role that can be discussed in further detail.

What's next? Within four working days, we will let you know if you qualify for this position. We will schedule an introductory interview, either digitally or in-person. During this interview, we will inform you as fully as possible about the vacancy, the company and the rest of the procedure. After consulting with you, we will introduce you to our client and then continue to guide you through the application process. The Independent Recruiters Group has a large team of specialized recruiters. Each recruiter has a strong focus on their own area of ​​expertise, which makes them the ideal sparring partner for both the candidate and the client.


In order to succeed in this role, we ask that you have:

* MBO+ level educational background;
* Relevant experience working within the technical aspects of contract management;
* Proficient with financial management and cost analysis;
* Strong organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple responsibilities at once;
* Fluent in English required, Dutch preferred;
* Experience working with SAP, Xsuite, and (or) Xflow.

About the company:

In this role, you will be working for a highly dynamic online global retailer who specializes in home and garden goods. This e-commerce organization has been operating for over 16 years and has an online presence in over 30 countries.
If you think this is an interesting opportunity, then we would like to get in touch with you!