Digital Media Manager

Marketing / PR
English and Swedish, German and English, Polish and English, English and Dutch, English

As the Digital Media Manager your responsibilities will be:

  • Partnership Excellence: Serving as the primary liaison between our EMEA sector and key Social, Programmatic, and Tech partners, you'll play a central role in ensuring alignment between EMEA's strategic priorities and the companies partners' efforts. You'll bring valuable insights, opportunities, and partner feedback to internal teams, fostering collaboration. Facilitating learning sessions and workshops for both internal and agency teams will also fall within your purview. Additionally, your collaboration with the Procurement team on partner contracts and specialized projects will be essential.
  • Global Collaboration: In this capacity, you'll be the vital link between EMEA and the Global Media team, particularly concerning significant strategic developments with crucial Media Partners. You'll effectively advocate for EMEA's strategic goals to the Global counterparts and infuse external market insights and opportunities into the EMEA team's strategies. Your coordination across Joint Business Plans will maximize available growth avenues. During key Brand Safety moments, you'll eloquently represent EMEA's perspective.

This multifaceted role presents an opportunity to cultivate impactful partnerships, drive global collaboration, and elevate EMEA's strategic positioning within our organization, contributing significantly to our collective success.


What do we expect from you?
•You have Proven Campaign Proficiency: Your track record should showcase your adeptness in planning and executing successful Paid Social and Display Programmatic campaigns.
• You have experience in effectively managing media and creative agencies, bringing out the best from collaborative partnerships.
• Your background includes meaningful engagement with prominent media partners, such as Meta, Google, Apple, Snapchat, and TikTok.
• You possess a deep understanding of the media landscape and stay abreast of current developments, demonstrating your industry knowledge.
• You're skilled in navigating various subjects, including privacy considerations, technical advancements, market trends, and operational processes.
• You've showcased your ability to seamlessly collaborate with cross-functional teams and efficiently manage multiple markets.
• You have experience in crafting compelling presentations and educational materials for broader agency counterparts.
• You are able to translate high-level strategic priorities into meaningful content tailored to different audiences and varying levels of seniority.
• You are able to construct comprehensive full-funnel strategies that effectively drive both brand enhancement and tangible business objectives.
• You are able to conduct both quantitative and qualitative analysis
• You possess a foundational understanding of Marketing Mix Modelling, allowing you to contribute to reporting and budget allocation discussions for the channel.

Salary Benefits:

This concerns a temporary role for 7 months, for 40 hours a week. We offer a competitive salary depending on experience.

About the company:

This international company is a big player in retail.