UX Designer BlueX

IT & Technology
As an UX Designer you design the best possible user experience for the consumers through close collaboration with product development. Act as an advocate for all users of the business’s product through visual and verbal presentation of product solution concepts necessary for the enhancement of users’ experience. Always be on the lookout for ways to simplify product designs and integrate a mix of interaction and visual experience into the business’s product. The role demands constant evolution...


• 3+ years of relevant (digital) ux design (interaction design) experience

• Familiarity and comfort with presenting to project teams

• Working within large/enterprise companies, with remote and international collaboration and research

• Working in fast paced environments: preferably experience researching as part or (agile) design sprints

• Experience with a variety of user-centered research tools and method

• Relish the challenge of a fast-paced (agile) creative environment - understand what an agile way of working is and understand what is required of that type of work (speed, progress over perfection)

• Feel comfortable with the uncomfortable - we will put them straight to work and want to see someone who embraces the challenge versus someone who needs a lot of guidance before jumping in

• Entrepreneurial Spirit - loves to explore new opportunities

• Continuously look for improvement - critically analyze user / consumer interactions and -design and make improvement proposals in order to achieve best results

• Translate requirements to your designs - by analyzing complex product and consumer requirements to design solutions that maximize the potential ensuring long-term product-market fit

• Expertise in creating crude to more advanced prototypes to validate and test concepts with users.

• Possess impeccable visual storytelling and communication skills - both in verbal and in written form to convey complex and detailed findings in the simplest and clearest of ways.

• Is great at time management, estimation & planning - handle multiple projects at any one instance, both independently and in multidisciplinary teams

• Has a fluent proficiency in English - speaking, reading and writing