Software Engineer (API)

IT & Technology


You love clean code. But you don’t mind rolling around in operational mud. ‘Untested code is broken code’ and ‘build the right things right’ are great mantras for any developer. But at Raet, we acknowledge that no developer is perfect, and that building the API layer for our Public HRcore system is no easy feat. So yeah, mistakes can and will be made. But as long as you learn from those and share learnings with your peers, that’s fine! So if you love clean code, aren’t afraid to take (prefera...


A Developer who is familiar (the more intimate, the better) with most of the above tools. Whether you learned to code in an academic setting, professionally, or all by your lonesome, doesn’t matter. We value coding skills above academic credentials. What IS important, is that you have a pioneering attitude and share our DNA: we want to excel at what we do, help each other out whenever we can, and share both our successes and failures. If you aspire to a Senior position, coaching and inspirational qualities, enterprise architecture knowledge and Product Owner experience, all come in handy.