1 in 5 workers won’t receive holiday pay this year

1 in 5 workers won’t receive holiday pay this year

Losses incurred as a result of the coronavirus pandemic mean that millions of people who work in the Netherlands won’t receive holiday pay (vakantiegeld) this May. 

Millions of workers won't receive vakantiegeld this May

Every year, in addition to the standard monthly salary, workers in the Netherlands receive a holiday allowance equivalent to 8 percent of their annual earnings. Last year, a number of people missed out on this extra cash as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but new research shows that the figure has doubled in 2021.

Research conducted by pollster Maurice de Hond on behalf of the Christian National Trade Union (CNV) has revealed that 19 percent of employees - approximately 1,7 million people - in the Netherlands won’t receive holiday pay in 2021. Most of these people work in the events, hospitality, and travel industries. 70 percent of people in the events sector won’t see that extra cash this May. 

Many families need the extra money

CNV chairman Piet Fortuin has expressed his shock at the figures, highlighting the importance of the extra income for a number of families across the Netherlands. “The holiday pay is not just a nice extra... People use it to pay for big bills like car insurance, or they pay off debts with it,” he says.

Entrepreneurs and businesses across the country are struggling to stay afloat, even with financial support from the Dutch government, and simply cannot afford the extra outflow at the moment when the future remains uncertain and profits remain low. But, legally, employers are obliged to pay up. 

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