World Water Day 2013: International Year of Water Cooperation

World Water Day, a celebrated initiative of the United Nations since 1993, takes place on its customary date, March 22. World Water Day draws attention to the importance of sustainable management of fresh water sources around the globe.

Water is a vital resource for life but in fact, 85% of the world’s population lives in the driest half of the planet! Accessibility to fresh water affects not only our basic human needs but also our environment and socio-economic development of populations around the world.

Each year, World Water Day highlights a different, important theme about fresh water and the 2013 edition is entitled "The International Year of Water Cooperation." 

With the rise in urbanisation, increasing food demand and the affects of climate change, cooperation in water management is of growing importance. Statistics show that about 783 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water.

Increasing global demand for energy and resources seriously affects access to clean water. Up to 90% of wastewater in developing countries flows into lakes, rivers and costal areas, a powerful threat to health, food and access to safe drinking water.

This year, organisers will explore associated key issues like water diplomacy, transnational water management as well as financial cooperation.

Interested in participating?

More than 450 World Water Day events are taking place around the world, including a variety located here in the Netherlands!

Swim for Water supports clean water projects in the Netherlands and abroad and the Walking for Water campaign in The Hague raised 1,3 million euros for their cause in 2012!

Upcoming events 

Stitchting Aquarius Laak River clean up | March 22 | The Hague
World Youth Parliment for Water | March 22 | The Hague
"Submerging Manila" Student film screening | March 22 | Breda
Lunch Seminar | March 22 | Delft 
Mermaid Parade | June 21 | The Hague 
Kind of the Rivers Swim | July 29 | Rotterdam 
Amsterdam Swim | August 31 | Amsterdam 

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