PICNIC Festival 2012

The seventh-annual PICNIC Festival in Amsterdam will host an innovative environment for creative thinkers from multiple disciplines in creative and traditional fields to gather in the purpose of developing new solutions for future problems. Taking place in the new EYE Film Institute building, this year’s PICNIC Festival will showcase two days of exciting events combining discussions, speakers, workshops and networking activities on September 17 & 18.

PICNIC Festival is a creativity and innovation platform and at this year's event participants can find out how people are taking greater control over their lives in areas such as business, government, health, education, sustainability and the media through the use of connected technologies.

The festival will feature more than 65 talks, workshops, labs, panels and master classes. Attendants can hear from experts, thought leaders and disruptors who are leading this shift and start developing their organization’s response.

Around 3.500 international professionals with backgrounds including technology, non-profit sectors, creative industry government and technology will gather to share fresh ideas and take a deeper look into the concept of "new ownership" and actively resolving problems together.

This event creates an interactive learning scene, inspired by today’s digital connectivity. The exciting programme aims to connect and empower people and businesses at a local and global scale.

Photo by Jonne Seijdel

The agenda will include lectures, debates and discussions, start up competitions, matchmaking activities, a SME exhibition and many interactive workshops to enhance connectivity and creativity for attendants and presenters.

Programme highlights will include sponsored challenges where small businesses can compete for funding, new office space and even professional coaching. 

Keynote speakers
Rupert Turnbull, publisher of Wired UK
George Dyson, technology historian
Tim O'Reilly, open source expert
Bonnie Shaw, alternative currency systems specialist
And many more!

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