"Fijne Valentijnsdag" - or not

"Fijne Valentijnsdag" - or not

Valentine’s Day or Valentijnsdag is here. Some consider this celebration as the peak of romance while others - the so-called antivalentinists - prefer to pass.

What is Antivalentinism?

Antivalentinism is all about thinking beyond flowers, cards and chocolate and consider Valentine’s Day as a commercial and / or forced observation of romantic love; an invention for money spending which has lost its initial purpose.

Fortunately, for all those antivalentinists who feel lonely, the Singles Awareness Day seems a decent alternative. The aim of the Singles Awareness Day is to create an opportunity for singles to get together; celebration over self-pettiness and loneliness.

Suggestions for antivalentinists

How to cope with Valentine’s Day as an antivalentinist? Make someone happy; surprise a stranger or someone who you know is lonely. Send yourself flowers or schedule a haircut or a massage. Get together with single friends for dinner and a movie.

Suggestions for Valentine's Day lovebirds

Nevertheless, there are - and always will be - Valentine’s Day lovebirds. Here are four unbeatable suggestions for a romantic day in Amsterdam.

 Get married by Elvis

Thinking about getting married? No need to go to Las Vegas. The King is in town!

 Snuggle in a horse-carriage

Get cosy in a horse-drawn carriage for a round trip (site in Dutch).

 Eat Michelin-awarded sushi

Restaurant Yamazato is the only traditional Japanese restaurant in Europe that holds a Michelin star. Special Valentine’s menu for a special day!

 Cruise à la Valentine

Jump on the boat for a 1,5 hour Valentine cruise.

Antivalentinist or not, just enjoy the day!

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