Cribbio is a website designed for open-minded individuals and professionals who want to track someone they have just met but did not exchange contact details with. The website offers a simple and easily accessible system for searching not just by date and place, but also by place of departure.

Who can tell when an encounter may occur:  at parties or in the street, at networking and cultural events or while traveling. Using a very simple internal messaging system, people who are looking for each other can then exchange messages and contact details.

"It started with a simple conversation at the bar," says co-founder Joanna Trzeciak. "We have drawn on our own experience. We were looking for simple way to get in touch with the people "we have only met once," had a certain connection with, but did not exchange details. Sometimes there is no chance to ask for details, we are not thinking about it or it simply spoils the moment. Then we go home and wish there was a way to get in touch with a person, or our "familiar stranger." You do not know the name, no Facebook info, no Twitter account name - so you can find the person only on the basis of where the encounter took place and when. Summing up, Cribbio is like a modern "missed connections" website, but including encounters at a professional / networking level as well as a romantic level.

Idea & implementation
"It has been fun, but also a challenging for many reasons. We are tech-savy - that helped, but while formulating ideas we did not consider all practicalities as for the implementation of them. Thankfully, we have had talented guys on the team."

Further development
"We would like to make it as easy as possible for the people to find each other, so in this first phase we will try to do both: spread the word and focus on user's experience to large extent. Of course further improvements include the improvements in funcionality of the website. And last, but not least, our dream is to combine it with a location-based service for smartphones."

Promotional Plans
"We are now starting working on promotion. At the beginning we are going to target events mainly as well as particular geographical focal points." 

Remember that inspiring manager, that friend's friend or the familiar stranger you sat next to and would probably never see again?

Cribbio is a modern "missed connections" platform. It is an alternative to the location-based applications and helps you to find the person you have only met once.

 lets you save yourself at various encounters to allow them to find you
 is a modern “missed connections” platform
 is an alternative to the location-based applications that already exist



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