VU University organises world wide hacking battle

On July 7 - 8, VU University Amsterdam will be teeming with hackers, security researchers, defence and computer emergency specialists from all over the world. They gather for the DIMVA Cyber Security Conference and a hacking battle. The event is open for every one.

This summer, VU University Amsterdam plays host to a variety of computer security events, centred around DIMVA (the annual international conference on "Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment"). Computer security and (anti-) hacking are focus points of Computer Science at the VU.

Each day of the conference consists of keynote presentations by famous security researchers, and research sessions about attack and defence on the Web, on the network, and on the computer itself. Moreover, there is a world wide hacking battle.

Hackers’ heaven
On the 7th of July, teams of hackers from all over the world do battle in a "Capture the Flag" hacking competition, a sequence of difficult riddles within a certain scenario.

The exact nature of the competition is kept secret until the day of the battle. With 40 teams from the US, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, India, Korea, Colombia, Malaysia, and many other countries, the competition is even more popular than the organisers had anticipated. Welcome to Hackers’ heaven! VU University is represented by two teams of computer science students.

Finally, there will be a variety of security-related workshops and events on the days leading up to the DIMVA conference. DIMVA itself takes place on July 7 - 8 in the main building of VU University. The conference is open for everyone with an interest in computer security.

All information about the events, as well as the registration procedure is available on the DIMVA website.

Source: VU University Amsterdam



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