[Video] Exquisite natural areas in North-Brabant

[Video] Exquisite natural areas in North-Brabant

When you think of the Netherlands, do you think of vast areas of green, or do the famous Dutch cities come to mind? The Netherlands is home to various national parks and beautiful areas of green. The following videos from YouTube channel XL Creations highlight three gorgeous nature areas in the Netherlands.

The Mastbos in North-Brabant, is one of the oldest pine forests in the Netherlands and is the second-oldest cultivated pine forest in the country. It is just south of Breda and gets its name from its Scots pines, which were previously called mast trees. Coincidently, the forest provided many masts for the Dutch East India Company.

The Teteringse Heide is a nature reserve east of Teteringen, belonging to the municipality of Breda. This moorland and drift sand area with oak coppice covers a great 95 hectares!

Kampina nature reserve in North-Brabant is filled with forest, moorland, fens and stream valleys. It is particularly special, as it is one of the few places in the province where no buildings can be seen. The area measures more than 1.200 hectares and is the property of the Society for Preservation of Nature Monuments in the Netherlands (Vereniging tot Behoud van Natuurmonumenten in Nederland).

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