Video: Why is the Netherlands not under water?

Video: Why is the Netherlands not under water?

Around 26 percent of the Netherlands lies below sea level. The lowest point is 6,67 metres below sea level, so why is it not under water?

YouTube channel Real Engineering talks about the Dutch Delta Works and how they were built to defend the Netherlands from the sea.

Mina Solanki


Mina Solanki

Completed her Master's degree at the University of Groningen and worked as a translator before joining IamExpat. She loves to read and has a particular interest in Greek mythology. In...

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Daniela Castañeda 23:23 | 20 March 2018

Hi Mina, I'm working on an interactive presentation about the water landscape in the Netherlands. It’s a basic overview for elementary school students. I'm wondering if you've worked on educational pieces for younger audiences that I can cite? Or if you have any resource recommendations? Thanks!

minasolanki 14:07 | 21 March 2018

Hi Daniela, I'm afraid I haven't worked on an educational piece for a younger audience before, but we do have a page with facts about the Netherlands and water and one about canals. Perhaps these pages can help you: Hope this helps, have a nice day!