[Video] High water levels in the Netherlands

[Video] High water levels in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has always battled with water, and today is no different. The past week, the Netherlands has experienced an influx of water, partly due to rainfall, as well as melting snow in Germany and Switzerland.

Here are a few videos showing how the inflow of water has influenced the water level and landscapes of the Netherlands.

See how high the water level has become in the Bergsche Maas canal, but also enjoy stunning imagery of the area.

In Ochten, Dodewaard and the side channel between Nijmegen and Lent, beautiful landscapes can be seen, along with the effects of the high water.

Take a look at the high water levels in Dalfsen.

Whilst the high water has taken over some of the land, the Netherlands is not completely under water. Find out why here!

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Mina Solanki

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