[Video] Amsterdam: Why it's so efficient as a city

[Video] Amsterdam: Why it's so efficient as a city

Amsterdam is remarkably efficient, even as it experiences a population boom! The Dutch capital welcomes over 3,5 million foreign visitors each year, and its population is well over 850.000.

Amsterdam in 2040

Amsterdam City Council has introduced the Structural Vision 2040 plan for Amsterdam, as it estimates the population will increase dramatically by then. But already, Amsterdam is considerably well planned when you compare the city structure with that of other world cities.

A social city for people, not cars

There are no highways through the city centre, therefore cars are discouraged. The city is famous for its cycling, with "walkability" being easier than in most US cities, leading to a more relaxed and healthy city atmosphere. All previous plans to build an inner-city highway were rejected, therefore metro, tram, bus and ferry are the modes of transport that are encouraged, besides, of course, the bicycle.

Green space is abundant in Amsterdam - the city has an estimated 13 percent of green space compared to 6,7 percent in Los Angeles and 9 percent in Melbourne. The more green space, the more subconscious happiness, leading to more ease in city living. 

The main aims of the 2040 Masterplan are densifying, redeveloping and repurposing. One thing we can count on is that Amsterdam will always remain an efficient, social city for people, not cars.

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