Van Gogh cartoon

Who says art history has to be hard to understand, time consuming and old fashioned?

Vincent Van Gogh's biography is to be published in the form of a comic strip. A book that gives both youngsters and adults the chance to broaden their knowledge about the famous Dutch painter in an entertaining way.

"Vincent van Gogh: an artist's struggle" is the story of an anxious artist's short and tumbling life; a Dutch man struggling for success but only reaching it after his death.

EurEducation and the Van Gogh Museum aim at making Van Gogh attractive to a younger audience while a teaching package will be available for secondary school use too.

Jan Kragt (writer) and Marc Verhaegen (drawings) promise the interesting readers pleasant surprises throughout the book.

"Vincent van Gogh: an artist's struggle" will be available from March 3 both in English and Dutch.

Moa Thorssell


Moa Thorssell

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