Rotterdam in top comeback cities

Rotterdam ranks 7th in Lonely Planet's list of top ten comeback cities in the world!

The 2011 comeback cities are unexpected travel destinations with "troubled past" that have gone from "not touristic" to attractive destinations.

Rotterdam is described as a design orientated and culture flourishing city famous for its underground music scenes.

With its city center devastated during WWII, Rotterdam has experienced an impressive reconstruction and well known attractions such as the 100 meter building Euromast.

Berlin, with its Soviet-era hallmarks, is ranked number one while Belgrade enters the last place for its wild nightlife.

Top comeback cities in the world

1. Berlin, Germany
2. Ayacucho, Peru
3. Beirut, Lebanon
4. Asmara, Eritrea
5. Glasgow, Scotland
6. León, Nicaragua
7. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
8. Volgograd, Russia
9. Yellowknife, Canada
10. Belgrade, Serbia

Moa Thorssell


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