Two Dutch cities still in the running to host the Eurovision Song Contest

Two Dutch cities still in the running to host the Eurovision Song Contest

There are only two Dutch cities still left in the running to host the Eurovision Song Contest next year. Of the five that put in a bid to hold the event, Arnhem, Den Bosch and Utrecht are out, as, according to the selection committee at the Dutch Public Broadcasting Service NPO, they scored lower on important requirements for the event.

Where will the Eurovision be hosted?

Recently, Duncan Laurence won the Eurovision Song Contest, and that means the next one will be hosted in the Netherlands. Five Dutch cities put in a bid to host the world-renowned event, but there are now only two left in the running: Maastricht and Rotterdam. The venues in question in these cities are the MECC convention centre and Ahoy.

Rotterdam and Maastricht both have venues which are big enough to accommodate not only the TV shows, but also dressing rooms and press centres. Moreover, these cities have a sufficient number of hotel rooms and are prepared to contribute a significant amount of money.

Both cities will receive a visit from the Song Contest organisers, who will take a look at the technical aspects of the venues; finances will be discussed at a later stage. Around mid-August, the official Song Contest location will be announced.

Losing cities disappointed

The cities out of the race are understandably disappointed. But all is not lost, as the organisers will be in talks with these cities in the coming months to see how they can be involved in the Song Contest in another way.

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