The first Eurovision tickets go on sale today

The first Eurovision tickets go on sale today

Next year, the Eurovision will be held in Rotterdam and today at noon you can get tickets to see the spectacle live!

See the Eurovision live

The tickets going on sale at 12pm are for the semi-finals, the final and six general rehearsals. The semi-finals and final are on May 12, 14 and 16. If you want one of these tickets, you’ll have to be quick as they are expected to fly off the webshop shelves, especially the tickets for the finals.

Speaking of the finals, the tickets for these shows are the most expensive at around 250 euros! Don’t want to splash out like that? The tickets for the semi-final rehearsals are only 18,50 euros. The rehearsals are shows in themselves, with presenters, opening acts and everything.

It’s not clear how many tickets will be on offer during this ticket sale round. If you don’t manage to bag a ticket, you’ll have another chance in January in the second round of ticket sales and again in mid-March when the last tickets go on sale.

Tickets to the Song Festival

In total, there is space for 65.000 people at the nine different shows at the Rotterdam Ahoy. Two-thirds of these spots are available for the public and the rest are for delegations of the participating countries, officials and sponsors.

Of the available tickets for each show, the first 2.000 will go to members of the Song Festival fan club OGAE. This means that they have a better chance of getting tickets. So, just become a member then get tickets, right? Wrong: only those who were members before October 1 are eligible for the tickets.

Those on a low income in Rotterdam will have the chance to win free tickets to the Eurovision shows via the municipality. The municipality will be raffling a total of 8.500 tickets and residents can sign up for them on the municipality’s website until January 7.

Each winner will receive two tickets, and if more than 4.250 residents sign up, winners will be chosen at random under the supervision of a notary. Those signing up will be checked according to income and expenditure data to make sure they are eligible. It is the first time in Eurovision history that so many tickets are going to residents of the hosting city.

You can get tickets on the Eurovision Song Contest ticket website!

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