Top travel apps for expats in the Netherlands

Many expats have a tendency to leave a suitcase packed at all times. For the frequent jetsetters among you, here are some apps that will make your travel experience easier and more enjoyable.

Gate Guru

If you’re running to catch your next flight, Gate Guru can give you updated information on gates, flight times and terminal information. It will take the stress out of airport connections. 

Struggling to decide between Expedia, Trip Advisor and This app helps you search for hotels, comparing different sources to give you the best rate and save you time.


Chances are that you’re travelling though Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Why don't you download the official app so you have up-to-the-minute information on flight times and details?

Seat Guru 

Hate getting stuck in an aisle seat? Perhaps you’ve inherited the Dutch height genes and need some extra leg room in the emergency exit row. Seat Guru shows you customised seating maps for your particular flight to help you choose the best seat.

Ski & Snow Report 

For whenever you want to sneak away for a winter sport holiday! Check out the latest slope conditions on over 2.000 popular hills worldwide and take control of your skiing or snowboarding trip.


There are a handful of apps out there that promise to offer the best, user-friendly flight search tools, but Skyscanner remains at the top. Use it to compare various airlines and websites to find the most affordable flight out there. For flights outside Europe, Kayak is another great alternative.


Travel plans made easy! This tool compiles all your reservation information: flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. and helps you create a logical itinerary.

Happy travels! Feel free to let us know if and how these apps affect your next trip, and give us the lowdown on any cool travel tools that you think we should feature in the future.

Ellen Keith


Ellen Keith

A Canadian with Dutch roots, Ellen has had half her heart in the Netherlands since the day she was born. After years of visits and studying abroad, she finally made...

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