Best apps for exploring the Netherlands

Best apps for exploring the Netherlands

You’ve decided to get out of the city for the weekend and explore some more of the Netherlands - wonderful! The question is: where to start? If you want to see more than just fields and cows, you’re going to need some advice. Turn to these apps for suggestions on where to go and what to see in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam TripAdvisor 

TripAdvisor offers its top city guides in a free app that’s accessible online. View a variety of itineraries for exploring the Dutch capital, and well as great hotel and restaurant recommendations. This app is perfect for a quick trip to the city.

Anne’s Amsterdam 

This app contains videos, personal anecdotes and a map of historically relevant information to help you visualise the city as it appeared for Anne Frank and her contemporaries during the Second World War.

Iamsterdam City Guide 

For the ultimate up-to-date local perspective, check out the Iamsterdam app and have Amsterdam at your fingertips. It contains offline maps, a programme of current events, points of interest, a custom postcard creator and much more.

Rotterdam Info 

Not to be outdone by the other Randstad cities, Rotterdam has its own app. This one includes a dynamic events calendar and some gorgeous photos of the city. It’s also available for iPad.

The Hague 

The Hague also offers its own mobile city guide for visitors. The app contains information on local attractions, hotels, restaurants and clubs, and is integrated with social media, so you can share you recommendations with your friends.


It’s Friday night and you’re looking for something different to do. Maybe you want to check out a play or find a bar with some great live music. Uit acts as a social agenda with events and festivals for the major Dutch cities: Amsterdam, The Hague, Groningen, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zwolle. It’s in Dutch, but you can navigate it with language skills.

Utrecht City Guide 

In addition to the usual tourist fare, this app points you to free Wi-Fi hotspots and has a shopping guide. The interface is eye-catching and bilingual.

Visit Holland

Produced by the Dutch tourist board, this app contains an abundance of information, including maps, hotels, events and attractions from across the Lowlands. Better yet, most of the features are available offline as well.

Now that you’ve got the right tools, it’s time to get off your phone and head out your door! Feel free to let us know if there are any other apps you think would be useful for exploring the Netherlands.

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