Top apps for transportation in the Netherlands

Top apps for transportation in the Netherlands

With tram, metro, bus, train and bike systems, transportation in the Netherlands may seem overwhelming. These apps will simplify your journey and cut back on your travel time and stress!


Bus 60, transfer to the metro, transfer to an intercity, then to a sprinter?! This app is a godsend for anyone who has ever tried to plan a trip with Dutch public transport. Enter your departure and arrival points and you’ll get a clear step-by-step itinerary, including estimated travel times. Create a 9292 profile and have the added benefit of syncing the itineraries you make at home with your phone or tablet.

Bike Repair

Yes, you use your bicycle all the time, but do you know how to take care of it? Why aren’t the gears working? How do you fix the chain? This app will get you through any tough spots you experience while using the country’s vehicle of choice.

Fiets! NL 

This tool allows you to plot out cycling routes within the Netherlands. It includes a standard and satellite map view, and is just what you’ll need if you want to jump on your bike and get out of the city for an extended bike ride in the sun! Please note that this app requires a basic understanding of Dutch.|

NS Reisplanner Xtra 

9292 is great, but sometimes you need up-to-the-minute information on train delays and construction. This app only works for the train system, but it’s a great supplement to 9292 to help you avoid any mishaps in your trip.

Ride Tracker 

This tool caters to hardcore cyclists as well as the bicycle commuter. Ride Tracker monitors distance, speed, duration and calories burned during bike rides.


This is a community-based app that’s great for current traffic information, including jams and accidents. It also helps you find affordable petrol and has a voice-navigation function.

Weer Online 

In 2013, this weather app won the TMG Publieksprijs for best Dutch app. It’s vital for anyone who is sick of going out and getting caught in a downpour. You can use it to check the forecast, but the most valuable feature is the radar map, which indicates upcoming rainfall.

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