Fietsklik: bike transportation made easy

Have you ever tried cycling home while balancing a crate of beer or a full bag of groceries on the back of your bike? What happens if you have to signal for a turn or round a sudden bend? The last thing you want is your purchase to end up splattered across the road.

With the slogan "You cycle; we carry," Fietsklik is a startup aimed at simplifying people’s cycling habits.

The company has designed a unique rear rack adapter for your bicycle, which allows you to click on and lock a number of associated accessories. This adapter fits on any bicycle that can support a rear rack.

About the Products

Fietsklik’s flagship product is the Crate: a large, durable basket made out of recycled plastic. Because it’s equipped with wheels, it can be toted around town and is perfect for grocery shopping. And yes, it can fit a crate of beer.

However, Fietsklik is also in the process of launching an extended line of products, including lockable office and cargo side bags.

Their main goal at the moment is to raise enough funds to complete their safety testing on a new child seat. This seat will be the first child seat on the market that can be easily and quickly removed.

As Fietsklik co-founder Julius M. Brenninkmeijer notes, you could pick up your child from school on the bike, then drop him or her off and immediately switch to the Crate attachment to run some errands. Overall, convenience and efficiency are key to the Fietsklik designs.

About Fietsklik

The company’s broad goal is to convert car users into cyclists. Fietsklik operates out of Amsterdam and virtually all of the materials used come from within the Netherlands. With your Kickstarter support, they can complete the testing on their child safety seat and expand and improve their product line.

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