Stedelijk @ Trouw/De Verdieping

During the ongoing improvement and expansion of its facilities, the Stedelijk museum is closed until the second half of 2012. However, the temporarily disembodied museum remains dynamic and is still actively engaged in various activities by organising an extensive programme called the Temporary Stedelijk 3: Stedelijk @.

In collaboration with various cultural institutions in Amsterdam and featuring world-renowned artists and speakers, the museum proudly presents performances, film screenings, lectures, discussions, public interviews, interactive activities and other events throughout the city.

One of the most remarkable projects included in Temporary Stedelijk 3: Stedelijk @ is the creative collaboration between Stedelijk Museum and Trouw/De Verdieping. In springtime 2012, the museum and the cultural club join forces to host four major events that aim to create new ways of looking at contemporary art.

When a museum of contemporary art and a cultural club combine resources in a surprising collaboration, you can expect to be inspired by a broad range of events, during which art can be presented and experienced in ways you might never have experienced before.

stedelijk at trouw de verdieping

› Contemporary Art Club (March 29, 8pm)
An all-night event combining an exhibition, a large-scale performance, lectures and interviews, as well as a club night.

› Hear It! – Part 2 (April 19)
Following the success of last year’s Hear It! Evening at the Stedelijk museum, this event will showcase the most progressive examples of sound art, transforming the Trouw building into a highly resonant sound box (in collaboration with Non-Fiction).

› Augment It! (May 17)
This event will present a first-hand virtual experience, with a completely augmented exhibition, informative workshops and seminars, performances and many more.

› Untitled Blikopeners/Editors event (June 14)
The Stedelijk Blikopeners (a group of young people employed by the museum as peer educators) and the Editors (a network of young creatives working at De Verdieping) unite in a unique collaboration.

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