Rent your neighbour’s car with SnappCar


Not owning a car in the Netherlands is great - until you want to go away for a weekend, need to move your stuff or have to take a quick trip between cities.

That’s why SnappCar created the perfect car-sharing platform!

Rent your neighbour’s car

SnappCar offers local car rental that is easy, affordable and hassle-free by connecting people who need a car with neighbours who rent theirs out.

By providing access to many different cars that are conveniently close, SnappCar helps you to enjoy special or everyday activities while keeping your life simple.

Rent the car that fits your needs

Why own a car when you can choose from dozens of different ones from the people who live around you? This way you can find and rent a vehicle that fits your needs:
rent a moving van
rent a camper van
rent a convertible for the summer
rent a hatchback for a weekend off
rent a Tesla and try an electrical vehicle
rent a vintage car for a special occasion

Many car owners allow renters to take their car to other countries so you can use SnappCar to visit France, Belgium, Germany and beyond.

Rent a car with SnappCar

The benefits of SnappCar

There are many great reasons to rent with SnappCar, here are the top four:

Financially attractive

Renting a car via SnappCar is 30-50 percent cheaper than renting via a regular car rental company or other car-sharing systems.

All risk insurance

You are covered for damage and emergencies with Allianz' all risk insurance. More importantly: your passengers are insured too.

24/7 roadside assistance

SnappCar’s support team is always there for you! They can provide support or a replacement car, anywhere in Europe. This way, you can safely continue your trip.

A trustworthy community

SnappCar always checks every new user's identity and online data thoroughly. This way, they can continue to provide a trustworthy community.

Rent your neighbour’s car with SnappCar

Rent your neighbour’s car with SnappCar

Rent your neighbour’s car with SnappCar

Rent your neighbour’s car with SnappCar

Rent your neighbour’s car with SnappCar

Rent your neighbour’s car with SnappCar

How to rent with SnappCar

Renting a car with SnappCar is easy:

1: Visit the SnappCar website to search for a car in your neighbourhood. By entering your city or postal code you can view all cars near you. You can also enter specific dates.

2: Create a profile then submit a rental request for the car of your choice. Once the owner has accepted, you can make a secure payment online.

3. Pick up the car at the agreed time and location. The road is yours!

A growing network

SnappCar has more than 150.000 members in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Founded in 2011 by Victor van Tol and Pascal Ontijd, SnappCar is the biggest car-sharing platform with insurance in the Netherlands, and the fastest growing in Europe.

Making change

On average eight million cars are parked for 23 hours per day in the Netherlands. Why not put them to use? If we share our cars more often, we need fewer cars in general.

SnappCar also wants to support positive environmental and social change and has set a mission for 2018: to reduce cars in Europe by 1 percent through car-sharing.

Special offer for IamExpat readers

SnappCar is currently offering an exclusive 20 euro discount for IamExpat readers who want to rent a car for the first time.

To receive the voucher, enter the code "iamexpat" when you make your first booking.

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Kirill Demianenko 13:04 | 30 April 2018

For me (like for tourist) much more comfortable to use car rental service (for example like this ) than car sharing, because I have more freedom and I don't need to look where is the car. I think this service good for local citizens, not for tourists.

M1ha 11:23 | 7 November 2019

code does not work anymore