Nxt Museum: Digital art museum to open in Amsterdam

Nxt Museum: Digital art museum to open in Amsterdam

A television studio in Amsterdam has been transformed into an exhibition space dedicated to New Media Art - the first of its kind in the Netherlands.

Nxt Museum

The former studio - a colossal space of 1.400 square metres in Amsterdam North - has been divided into 14 rooms to display a variety of forms of digital art. The museum is set to open its doors on August 29. 

 Distortions in Spacetime by Mashmallow Laser Feast, photo by Barnaby Steel. Distortions in Spacetime Nxt Museum

The first exhibition for Nxt Museum, Shifting Proximities, focuses on how global events and technological change are creating continuous shifts in the distance between people. It will feature art by several different artists, including Roelof Knol and Yuxi Cao. 

Expect to see everything and anything on a trip to this museum. Visitors are welcomed by an enormous blue wall - over 24 metres long and nine metres high - where the blue is reminiscent of the “Blue Screen of Death” (the famous error message users can get on Windows devices). The upcoming exhibition makes use of projections, lights, lasers, fog and giant QR codes. 

 Biometric Mirror by Lucy McRae and Niels Wouters, photo by Eugene Hyland. Biometric Mirror Nxt Museum

Digital Art: A global movement

While this may be the first museum in the Netherlands to recognise and celebrate New Media Art, the popularity of large digital installations is on the rise all around the world. 

This month, the American Pace Gallery launched a new organisation, SuperBlue, dedicated to large multimedia installations. And in 2019, Het HEM opened in Zaandam. The museum calls itself a new home for contemporary culture and develops interdisciplinary art programmes that shed light on our world. 

Nxt Museum is set to open its doors for Shifting Proximities on August 29. Find out more about the museum and the upcoming exhibition on Nxt Museum’s website.

Thumb: Lisette Apeldoorn via Nxt Museum.

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