The Nubrella: could this umbrella shield us from Dutch weather?

People living in the Netherlands get to experience a liberal society, a rich cultural history, and nice pancakes. But there is one major negative to living in this country: the Dutch weather.

Although the calendars read July, you could be forgiven for thinking we’re currently experiencing a soggy February. In this country it seems to rain more days than not, regardless of the season.

This is made all the more irritating by the fact that our main mode of transport is the bicycle: a contraption which offers laughably little protection against outside conditions.

However, a new product is taking the world of weather-protection by storm: the Nubrella.

High-tech, not wet

The Nubrella is a high-tech solution to weather-protection, which aims to completely revolutionise our approach to the soggy seasons. Essentially, it blocks any rain from coming into contact with your face (see video below).

It is worn like a backpack, with a canopy which extends over the wearer’s head. Its USP is that it is not operated by means of a pole, like traditional umbrellas. This leaves the wearer’s hands totally free for other activities (such as biking).

The website claims that the Nubrella blocks more wind-chill, is safer and gives extended coverage versus a normal umbrella.

Furthermore, it is streamlined and offers an aerodynamic design. Transparent panelling means that wearers can see where they’re going, even if it's raining cats and dogs.

Its designer, Alan Kaufman, summarises his product as "a new weapon in your current arsenal of weather protection gear and apparel."

Big plans

The Nubrella is currently in the product sample stage, but Kaufman already claims to have sold thousands world-wide.

The product has featured on the ABC show "Shark Tank," and its inventor has now set up a page on the crowd-sourcing website, Kickstarter. He is hoping to raise 95.000 U.S. dollars by August 7, in order to officially launch the Nubrella.

The model admittedly looks a little strange. However, the fashion world has never been afraid of embracing the unusual.

When leaving for work in the morning begins to seem like a drowning hazard, this contraption may become more attractive. There are even different styles available depending on whether your'e a sportsman, a child, or a sun-sensitive individual.

Who knows - by the time winter down-pours come crawling back to the Netherlands, we might all be sporting a Nubrella.

For more information, see the Nubrella website or get involved through the Kickstarter page.

Source: Mashable

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