New night train service to Prague to launch before the summer

New night train service to Prague to launch before the summer

Last spring, a Dutch start-up company announced plans to launch a night train service to Prague. It's taken some time, but it seems as though everything is going ahead as planned, and that the service should launch before the summer!

All aboard the night train to Prague!

The European Sleeper service will stop in 12 cities across Europe, setting off from Brussels and travelling via Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague, through Berlin, before finishing in Prague. The new route will see three trains scheduled every week, with AD reporting that a ticket from Amsterdam to Prague should cost around 65 euros.

Chris Engelsman from European Sleeper told the Dutch paper that the new service would serve to connect four European capitals, making sustainable train travel a much more attractive, comfortable and efficient alternative for customers. "In the evening you get on in the Netherlands or Belgium and in the morning you are in beautiful Dresden. Enchanting landscapes of Saxon Switzerland and the Elbe Valley suddenly seem to be just around the corner,” he explained.

Dutch company to launch service between Amsterdam and Warsaw

European Sleeper's plans don't stop with Prague, though. In 2022 the Dutch company hopes to work with RegioJet to launch a service between Brussels, Amsterdam, and Warsaw. Beyond that, they hope to introduce a new night train service from the Netherlands and Belgium every year.

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