The new Bag2Go could make lost luggage a thing of the past!

Lost luggage. Any frequent traveller has probably experienced this frustration and airports' perennially busy "lost and found" counters testifies to the extent of the problem.

However, a new product seeks to make our luggage virtually impossible to lose.

High tech travel

The Bag2Go looks like an ordinary suitcase, but beneath its deceptively simple shell lies a wealth of tracking devices. Bag2Go can be synced with iPhones and, consequently, is already being dubbed the "smart bag."

Thanks to this syncing technology, travellers can easily track their luggage even as it's being loaded onto the plane - or not.

Problem solved?

The suitcase was created by aircraft manufacturer Airbus and is still in the early stages of development. But if it goes into mass production, it could prove hugely helpful for airports around the world.

If a Bag2Go is misplaced, the luggage's technology means that it can be traced directly anywhere on the globe.

And anyone who has witnessed the frequent hysteria at arrival gates, when passengers learn that their belongings have been lost in transit, will immediately appreciate the benefits of this device.

Source: Mashable

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