March: a month of Francophonie

French speakers in the Netherlands can be happy; this is a month of Francophonie in the Netherlands.

Following the lead of the International Organisation of La Francophonie, French institute in the Netherlands "Maison Descartes" is organising several special activities.

During this month, fans of France can enjoy four events:
 March 10 - 31: Pierre-Jan Rey's photo exhibition "Petits d'Hommes" about children from all around the world
 March 23: Literature evening with French author Mamadou N'Dongo who will present her book "La géométrie des variables"
 March 26: Dictation-competition "Descartes" with a possibility to win a trip to Paris
 March 26: Day of Francophonie in the cinemas

The photo exhibition and films can be appreciated by non-French speakers too (some of the films have English subtitles), while the literature evening and dictation is targeted to the French speaking audience.



Anita Kalmane


Anita Kalmane

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