Amsterdam Fringe Festival looking for artists

Are you a creative artist, theatre producer or performer? If so, take the opportunity Amsterdam Fringe is offering you!

Till March 11, Amsterdam Fringe Festival is accepting applications from international artists who would like to perform in the festival that takes place in the beginning of September.

The festival focuses on six disciplines, namely, performance, dance, multi media, live art, theatre as well as music theatre.

Amsterdam Fringe allows the artists to choose what kind of work do they want to present. However, priority is given to performances with a premier during the festival itself with a duration three or more days as the festival itself is almost two weeks long.

The results will be announced after April 11 when all the artists will be informed if their applications have been accepted, denied or in the waiting list.

It is a great opportunity to gain recognition and perform in alternative spots (both in and out of Amsterdam) so hurry up! Amsterdam Fringe Festival is attended by several professionals from around the world, so there is always a chance that one of them will notice exactly your performance and offer another collaboration.

The application form can be found here.

Anita Kalmane


Anita Kalmane

Freelance journalist. Former Lifestyle Editor of IamExpat.

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