Make magic in the kitchen with HelloFresh

Make magic in the kitchen with HelloFresh


HelloFresh removes all barriers to eating fresh, delicious and high-quality meals at home: no planning, no shopping, no stress! Start cooking easy, wholesome and delicious meals with new recipes delivered to you every week and meal plans crafted for all diets. 

Food brings people together

Good food allows us to live long. Great food lets us enjoy every bite of life. HelloFresh celebrates fresh ingredients and making magic in the kitchen: there is a chef in everyone! Everyone deserves honest, natural, delicious and healthy food.

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New year, new me

After indulging over Christmas and New Year’s, eating healthy is a common new year resolution. If you are looking for an easy and fun option, then check out HelloFresh! This meal box service provides fresh and healthy ingredients, delivered to your doorstep.

HelloFresh meal box

Why choose HelloFresh

How can HelloFresh help? Well, here is how:

Delicious and healthy food

Is the weekly trip to the supermarket a chore for you? Do you have difficulty or no inspiration to cook varied dishes? Well, this does not have to get in the way of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

HelloFresh offers four different types of meal boxes with the right amount of carbs, protein and fat: The Original box, Veggie box, Family box (with kid-friendly recipes) and Quick & Easy box. Each box contains all the ingredients you need for three to five meals a week, with clear steps on how to prepare a delicious dish in no time. And every week there is a selection of 22 recipes, from well-known Dutch classics to surprising international cuisines.

Flexibility to fit your lifestyle

Because every week is different, you can skip a week, pause or cancel your account at any time via the HelloFresh app or website. The number of meals or the number of people can also be adjusted weekly. When you have visitors and you'd like to add an extra chair at the table, you simply order a larger meal box.

More than just a meal box

In addition to the HelloFresh meal box, there are also various extras that you can add to the box, like a nice wine to complement your meal, a fruit box for your weekly vitamin intake, a breakfast box for busy mornings, or fresh soups and baked bread as a quick lunch or starter.

Get a 45 euro discount!

It couldn't be easier to stick to your new resolution. Order now and get a 45 euro discount on the first three boxes (25 euros on the first and 10euros on the second and third box)!

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