7 spring vegetables that’ll make you happy this season

7 spring vegetables that’ll make you happy this season

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Spring has officially sprung, which may leave you wondering which “springredients” are in season in the Netherlands right now. HelloFresh, the popular meal kit delivery service, has the answer!

There is nothing like eating veggies that are in season. Here are seven seasonable, reasonably priced, extra flavourful, and nutritional veggies you should definitely have in your kitchen this spring:

1. Asparagus

How to select: Look out for firm, plump, and straight green spears that snap easily when bent and avoid asparagus with wet, slimy, or smelly tips.
Nutritional claim to fame: Good amount of vitamin A (to help your eyes and bones), B (to keep you energised), C (to keep the doctor away), and iron (for your blood).
Pairs well with: Butter, cheese, eggs, lemon, olive oil, pasta / rice, seafood and tomato.

2. Artichokes

How to select: The best artichokes are deep green and come with tightly packed, crisp leaves that should squeak when pressed together.
Nutritional claim to fame: A bit of potassium (to help regulate blood pressure and strengthen those muscles) and vitamin A.
Pairs well with: Garlic, herbs, lemon, nuts, olive oil and white wine.

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3. Peas

How to select: Choose ones with plump, unblemished, and bright green pods that are velvety to the touch.
Nutritional claim to fame: Good source of vitamins A and C, as well as niacin (which improves cholesterol and supports proper brain function) and iron.
Pairs well with: Artichokes, chives, lettuce, mint, salmon, scallions, scallops, shrimp and tarragon.

4. Broccoli

How to select: Look out for a deep green or green / purple color, tightly closed buds, and crisp leaves.
Nutritional claim to fame: Loaded with vitamin C (125 grams = your daily intake).
Pairs well with: Balsamic vinegar, butter, cheese, chicken, chilli peppers, garlic, lemon, pasta and sausage.

5. Green beans

How to select: You want green beans that are tender, crisp, well-shaped, and smooth. Velvety skin is a positive sign that they were freshly picked.
Nutritional claim to fame: Chock-full of vitamins A and C.
Pairs well with: Almonds, bacon, butter, dill, lemon, olive oil, orange, pine nuts, walnuts, tarragon and tomatoes.

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6. Radishes

How to select: The ideal radish? Fresh, bright, firm, tender, crisp and unblemished. Greens should be fresh and perky.
Nutritional claim to fame: Loaded with vitamin C, fibre, and isothiocyanates (compounds that are shown to be effective against certain cancers).
Pairs well with: Chives, lettuce, mild fish, mint, scallions, scallops, smoked salmon and butter.

7. Pak choi

How to select: Choose bunches with firm, white stalks topped with crisp, green leaves. Avoid ones with signs of spotting, limp stalks, or discolouration.
Nutritional claim to fame: 125 grams of pak choi packs in 64 percent of your daily recommended value of vitamin K (to help build strong bones and protect your heart).
Pairs well with: Beef, chicken, chilli peppers, ginger, pork, rice, seafood, sesame oil, shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce.

In May, HelloFresh is celebrating spring veggies! From green beans and asparagus to broccoli, the meal-kit service takes advantage of all the amazing vegetables this season has to offer. And you can enjoy them too with a nice discount, as HelloFresh is offering a 40 euros discount on the first two boxes (20 euros on the 1st box, 20 euros on 2nd box), including free delivery to all IamExpat readers!

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