Major renovations planned for Royal Palace Amsterdam in 2023

Major renovations planned for Royal Palace Amsterdam in 2023

Anyone who’s been living in the Netherlands for a while might feel like the scaffolding on the Royal Palace on Dam Square has only just been taken down, but prepare for more building work in the new year: AT5 reports that major maintenance work on the palace is on the cards for 2023. 

Royal Palace to undergo at least two years of restoration work

Various aspects of the palace’s exterior will be restored as part of the maintenance work, including the slates on the roof, the dome, and statues and paintings on the exterior walls. Once complete, the most noticeable change for locals will likely be the changes made to the crowns at the upper corners of the building, as the original gold leaf coverings will be restored.

The Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf) has commissioned architect Hans Vlaardingerbroek to oversee the project, who is committed to protecting the building’s 17th-century architectural style.

Palace in Amsterdam will remain open to visitors

The last time the iconic monument underwent any restoration work was back in 2011, when the renovation work on the exterior was completed. While it's not yet clear what the budget will be for the latest phase of construction work, architects expect the project will be completed in 2025 or 2026.

A spokesperson for the Royal Palace has reassured tourists and residents of the Dutch capital that the renovations will have no impact on the visiting experience for members of the public. "The palace is open to visitors as much as possible when the king is not present. On average, we receive 300.000 visitors a year and they can continue to come once the work has started and is underway,” they told AT5.

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