Dutch cities at risk of bike bedlam

Transport to and from the biggest cities in the Netherlands is becoming more of a hassle, as more and more bikes clog up traffic around the major stations thanks to a lack of parking space.

Increase in bike traffic

A survey by the newspaper Trouw has shown an increase in bike traffic within large Dutch cities from 1,5 to 3 percent annually. Rotterdam in particular is has seen a five percent increase in this regard.

Cities of more than 100.000 inhabitants in the Netherlands almost always suffer from a shortage of bike parking space, and this problem is compounded when the city hosts a university.

Accessibility to major stations

Late last year it was announced that Amsterdam would add some 38.000 bicycle parking spaces by 2020. However, the Alderman responsible for traffic issues in Amsterdam, Eric Wiebe, is concerned that the current shortage of space will make the major stations in the city increasingly inaccessible.

In Utrecht, home to the Netherlands' largest university, the situation is considered so dire that many people may choose to travel outside of the city by car in the future, in order to avoid chaos at the station.

Extra parking space

Though almost every city council is seeking ways in which to create more space for bicycle parking, the steep rise in bicycle use revealed by the survey means that they will have to act fast in order to stop bike bedlam emerging at major stations.

Source: Trouw

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