The Netherlands fifth best Western European country to invest in

The Netherlands has been ranked as the fifth best Western European country to invest in, according to the "Global Best to Invest Report."

The Best to Invest Report

Site Selection magazine, a magazine concerned with the potential for and developments of corporate business areas around the world, has now published five editions of it's "Global Best to Invest Report," ranking both national Investment Promotion Agencies and metropolitan areas on their ability to generate investment.

The ranking was based on a weighted assessment: each investment agency and metropolitan area was ranked on the growth of new facilities, capital investment and job creation, but also on their Location Rank and Competitiveness Score, calculated by the website

The Netherlands as a business hub

The Netherlands, and therefore the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, was ranked as the fifth best country to invest in following the above methodology, while Amsterdam was ranked as the ninth best metropolitan area to invest in.

This recent ranking follows a positive trend, whereby the Netherlands was, earlier this year, ranked as the best country in Europe in which to do business.

Similarly, the Amsterdam metropolitan area and West Holland have also shown that investment from foreign businesses is noticeably adding to hopes for further growth.

The Top 5 Western European countries

  The Netherlands

Top 10 Metropolitan Areas

  Frankfurt, Germany
  Paris, France
  Dublin, Ireland
  Madrid, Spain
  Barcelona, Spain
  Vienna, Austria
  London, UK
  Berlin, Germany
  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Birmingham, UK

Source: Iamsterdam

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