Dutch beach more expensive than Venice Beach, LA

Dutch beach more expensive than Venice Beach, LA

Yes, you heard right. According to international research conducted by TravelBird, the 2018 Beach Price Index, visiting the beach in Vlieland, the Netherlands will cost you more than a trip to Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

Expensive Dutch beaches

The 2018 Beach Price Index looked at 327 of the most expensive popular beaches in the world. In order to rank beaches across the world in terms of price, the costs of sunscreen (200ml SPF 30), water (500ml), a beer, an ice cream, lunch and facilities on-site, hiring a deck chair and parasol, for example, were investigated and used for comparison. The price, used to compare beaches, was the sum of all of these goods.

A day at the Dutch beach of Vlieland will thus cost you 53,26 euros. A trip to Venice Beach in LA is cheaper, even if it is only two cents cheaper. Vlieland is, however, not the most expensive day out to the beach in the world, it is actually only at number 31 on the list. The number one spot goes to Anse Vata in New Caledonia, where a day at the beach leaves you and your wallet 78,57 euros lighter.

Scheveningen also makes its way onto the list, but much further down at 94th place. A day out to the beach in The Hague will cost you 45,96 euros. Compared to Vlieland, Scheveningen is much cheaper when it comes to the cost of facilities and sunscreen.

Another nine beaches in the Netherlands come in more expensive than Scheveningen but less expensive than Vlieland. These are namely, from most to least costly, Bloemendaal aan Zee, Noordwijk, Bergen aan Zee, Egmond aan Zee, Katwijk aan Zee, Texel, Kijkduin, Zoutelande and Castricum.

Cheapest beach in the Netherlands

The cheapest seaside resort, taking 184th place on the ranking, is IJmuiden. There, a beach day will set you back a mere 34,78 euros. However, there is an even cheaper beach in the Netherlands, which you can find on the island of Ameland. Spending a day at the beach there will cost you 34,40 euros. Ameland is ranked 187th on the list.

If you are looking for an extremely cheap day at the beach, you will need to travel a little further than the Netherlands, as the cheapest beach on the 2018 Beach Price Index is situated in Vietnam. A day at Cua Dai Beach, which comes in at 327th place, will cost you 13,44 euros.

For more information visit the 2018 Beach Price Index website.

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Adrian Kennedy 13:01 | 12 June 2018

Vlieland is an island off the coast of the Netherlands therefore this comparison is ... of dubious merit.