5 things to do on a rainy day in Amsterdam

5 things to do on a rainy day in Amsterdam

Sooner or later we have to face facts, the summer is over and autumn is in full swing. And we don’t mean the cosy autumn of orange leaves and sunny skies. Oh no, we mean rain. Torrential rain that doesn’t seem to stop, paired with gloomy skies and dreary moods to match. When the weather scuppers your plans, here are some things to do on a rainy day in Amsterdam.

Rainy day activities in Amsterdam

When you don't fancy trudging around in sodden shoes, what can you actually do that won’t leave you soaked to the bone? Here are five rainy day activities in Amsterdam for you to try.

1. Sit yourself down in a cosy cafe / pub

All we want to do when it pours is get comfortable somewhere cosy. Luckily, there are plenty of “brown” cafes where you can enjoy a beer (or two), whilst you soak in the atmosphere. Brown cafes are an integral part of Dutch culture, kind of like what the pub is to the English. Typical features include wooden panelling and furniture, hearty snacks and a relaxed vibe.

There are hundreds of brown cafes in Amsterdam, but a few you should definitely see are Delirium Café, which has over 500 beers in stock; Café de Sluyswacht, an adorably wonky lock-house; Het Molenpad, a modernised brown café; and Café ‘t Smalle, with a waterside terrace.

2. Go play some arcade games

You might not have been aware, but Amsterdam is home to various hip places where you can battle it out on old-school arcade games. The perfect way to lift your mood and take your mind off the weather. So what are these magical places of nostalgia called? Well, there’s the TonTon Club, which has two locations, one in Amsterdam West and one in the centre, and Blast Galaxy, located in North.

Japan is the source of inspiration for the TonTon Club, and, as such, you can see this influence in the games and food on offer. You’ll need to buy tokens to play the games, but entry is free. At Blast Galaxy, in the NDSM area of Amsterdam, you'll need to buy a ticket to enter, but once you're in, you can play all the games for free - no tokens needed! The menu, like TonTon Club, is inspired by Asian flavours, but there are considerably fewer options.

There are other cool arcades in the Dutch capital and across the country - check out our list of the eight coolest arcades in the Netherlands for some more autumn-time inspiration.


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3. Take a virtual tour of the Netherlands

Who wants to go sightseeing in this weather? Not us, that’s for sure. Well, There is one place you can take a tour of the Netherlands - yes the whole country - without so much as a drop of rain touching you. Where is this mystical place, you may ask? THIS IS HOLLAND.

Close to the Eye Filmmuseum, just across the water from Central Station, you’ll find THIS IS HOLLAND. There, you can take a birds-eye view of the Netherlands, as you visit unique locations during the Flight Experience, which is in 5D! The whole experience, including the flight, lasts about an hour and consists of four activities. During the adventure, you’ll learn about the past of the Netherlands and the Netherlands today, as well as have a 5D flight experience and relax in the Holland lounge.

4. Visit one of the multiple museums the city has to offer

Amsterdam is full of museums; in fact, it has about 75 of them, so plenty to fill your day with. What’s more, if you have a Museum Card, you can visit most of them for free. Head over to the Rijksmuseum to see majestic golden age paintings, swing by the Stedelijk for some seriously cool modern art or take a look at the exotic at Tropenmuseum. There is so much on offer.

The city has a museum for everything, from anatomy at Body Worlds, to canals at the Museum of Canals and bags at the Museum of Bags and Purses. If you love museums, this is definitely the city for it. This is also the perfect activity for a rainy day; not only are you warm and dry, but you also get to see things you may never have seen before!

5. Warm yourself up with a spot of trampolining

This one is a bit of a wild card for those up for a bit of fun, indoor exercise. After all, a gloomy rainy day can dampen your mood and make you feel sluggish. The best medicine to cure this state is a bit of exercise, but not everyone is a treadmill king or queen or fancies hitting the gym. This is, therefore, a great way to move around whilst having fun.

One place to head to is Jumpsquare, not too far from Amsterdam Amstel station. There, you can try out the fun area, dodgeball area, basketball area, power trampoline area, big airbag - which you jump onto - and slackline above a foam pit. A great thing about Jumpsquare is that from 7pm to 10pm it turns into a disco trampolining adventure, with lasers, lights and awesome tunes - a great way to spend a rainy day!

What do you do in Amsterdam on a rainy day?

So, these were just a couple of things that you can do in Amsterdam on a rainy day. Of course, there are plenty of other ways you can spend your time. If you just want to cuddle up with a blanket at home, we’re not judging.

What do you do on a rainy day? Any tips you’d like to share? Drop us a comment below.

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Mary Sobiechowski 18:39 | 14 October 2019

If someone is a book lover - Its great to schedule a Rainy Day Cocktail Literary Salon. A new experience! Meeting at a beautiful library bar in center and interactively learn about obscure and/or interesting libraries, landmarks and book markets in Amsterdam. You leave with maps and locations for all the literary must-sees!!